Friday, August 27, 2010

So Much To Share

I've taken an 18 month hiatus from blogging. And now I have so much to share. Rather than trying to catch you all up on every detail of the Swann's life, I'll try to only share the important stuff from this roller coaster we've been on.

After baseball season last year we had a busy summer then moved in October. Our house sold quickly and we only had three weeks to pack and move. With a ton of help from friends, we were able to accomplish this nearly impossible task and even managed to leave the house spotless for the new owners. We moved in with my parents in Sandy and started making plans to purchase another home. To not disrupt the boys too much, we kept them at their same school in West Jordan, and I drove them to school from Sandy every day. It was a long winter. haha.

With the move, I also moved my salon. I am currently leasing a suite inside Studio Salons in West Jordan with a colleague of mine. We split the cost and each work three days a week. It's a fun place to be, and very professional. Vanessa and I were able to decorate it ourselves, and because it's our own space (a mini salon) we lock it at night and no one disturbs it.

In December, Darin left his job at American Welding and Tank after 13 years to start working for his cousin Alan. Alan and Uncle Craig purchased a transportation company here in Salt Lake (Diamond Limousine), and a natural gas roustabout business in Rock Springs, Wyoming (WYuTex Energy Service). He has been splitting his time at both businesses, and absolutely loves it. Alan is a great boss, and Darin's level of stress has gone down considerably. I just don't love when he has to go to Wyoming. :(

We also spent Christmas in North Edwards with the Swanns and the 4-wheelers. A great time was had by most (except Ben and Steph who couldn't come with a new baby so close to arriving). We took Darin's new work truck and the clutch was having issues and almost went out on our way home. He changed it when we got back and said it broke into a thousand pieces when they took it off.

January found us with the Johnstones in Island Park, Idaho for snowmobiling and winter cabin fun. Not too long into the trip, there was an accident and my niece, Jalin broke her leg really bad. It's been 8 months and it still isn't better after a few surgeries.

All the while we were negotiating (for 4 months) to purchase a builder foreclosure in Riverton. It was owned by a local bank and we were going to be able to get it for a steal and finish it how we wanted. It would have been a 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 2 laundry room, 2 family room, bonus room, home salon, 4200 sq. ft. dream on a huge lot. BUT... in April, our agent got a phone call from the listing agent informing us that the bank had sold it to another buyer. We were heartbroken. And resorted to start looking again.

After countless home showings, meetings with new home builders, and just not finding anything to fit our needs and budget, we came across a home right back in our old neighborhood. It needed a ton of updating, but had good bones, so we made an offer. And now it's ours. After 5 1/2 weeks of renovations, we moved in mid July. It's a 2 story on 1/3 acre. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, just enough room for a salon in the basement (which we'll start construction on as soon as we get the tax credit check), and a big yard for the kids, dogs, and trailer. In the Spring we are planning an addition to the kitchen and family room to make them larger and update the kitchen. It is very nicely becoming our dream. Biggest bonus for me and the boys: they are still in the same schools with their same friends. Biggest bonus for Darin: we're back in the same ward.

My beloved Maxima was involved in an accident in April. I was hit and run by a school bus. Their insurance totalled the car. It was very sad. It was a wonderful car for 11 years. The payoff was used to help with the down payment on our house and bought tile and hardwood flooring for the new home.

In and around the move and renovations, we had baseball. Darin started playing again. He plays in an over 35 league (he calls it the old farts league) that even had us take a trip to Las Vegas for a tournament. Kaden played on a Super League team (Desert Heat) with a friend from my parent's ward and had a good time. He had 3 tournaments including one in St. George, and either games or practices 5 times a week from March to July. Riley and Jaxon played West Jordan Babe Ruth League again and Darin assistant coached Jaxon's team. It's a good thing we love this sport.

July brought Ben and Stephanie and new baby Eli to visit for a week. Our first house guests. And a Swann Family Reunion in Junction, Utah. We all had a great time at the Paiute County Courthouse. This trip involved taking our trailer and all of my parent's 4-wheelers. W also went river rafting, and a group of family took a day trip to Bryce Canyon.
We've been on a few other camping trips this summer. Memorial weekend was Diamond Fork campground and the Farm. Kaden had a tournament in Spanish Fork, we camped. 4th of July weekend at Rock Port, for another tournament in Park City, which coincided with the Richardson campout and boating.

August took us, our trailer, and the Johnstones to Almo, Idaho for the William E. Johnston Reunion. He was my great-great grandfather. It was more of a heritage reunion, and really nice to get to learn more about my ancestors. I will share a separate post and explain the absence of the 'e' on the end of his name.

Fall is sneaking upon us. The boys have all started school again. Kaden in 7th grade, Jaxon in 4th grade, and Riley in 1st grade.
Kaden and Darin are also starting Fall Baseball and Darin is refereeing little league football for what he describes as exercise and cash.

I think I will have more time to blog will all the boys in school all day... stay tuned and I will post some pics soon.

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